We have established some new appointment options that will make servicing your vehicle easier than ever! You can also call or text 614-761-1222 anytime to schedule an appointment. 

LOANER AVAILABILITY:  Due to current inventory and fleet vehicle shortages nationwide, the options for Loaner Vehicles are limited. We now only have sedan models available, and scheduling options may be limited compared to our typical availability. We appreciate your patience, and encourage you to take advantage of the other transportation options we have available!

Click Here to see how our new No-Contact Service Appointment process works!

Click Here to learn about our new Pick-Up/Drop-Off Service Options!

If you are scheduling a Pick-Up/Drop-Off appointment same day, please call or text 614-761-1222 to ensure availability!

  • FREE within 10 miles of the dealership!
  • $10 within 11-20 miles of the dealership
  • $20 within 21-30 miles of the dealership
  • $30 within 31-40 miles of the dealership
  • $30 plus $1.50/miles outside of 40 miles from the dealership.