Oil Changes – Not Romantic, but Necessary!

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Oil Changes – Not Romantic, but Necessary!

Oil changes are necessary every five to six thousand miles under normal driving conditions.

When and Why: Over time, oil breaks down as your vehicle uses it. Typically, you’ll receive a dashboard warning, when you have 15 – 20 percent oil remaining in your Acura vehicle. An “A,” oil change, or an “A-1,” oil change and tire rotation.  If your vehicle is reading five percent or less oil, it means your oil is extremely dirty. The more dirt, contaminants, or “sludge” your oil has the less effective it is and the harder it is on your engine. Read your car manual for what type of oil your vehicle requires. Most Acura vehicles between 2003 and 2012 take 5W20. Most Acura vehicles manufactured 2013 and later take 0W20 oil.

Year of Vehicle 2003-2012 2013-current
Oil Type 5W20 0W20


What Is Different about Acura Columbus Oil Changes?

Acura Columbus uses Acura Precision Crafted Oil Filters, these filters trap more contaminants and keep your oil cleaner because they are crafted with 60 percent more paper than a generic oil filter. Our oil filters have a round seal which hugs the connections and fits better than the standard flat seal. Acura oil filters also have an anti-drainback valve that prevents dirty oil from leaking from the filter into the engine.

Technical Stuff for the Detail Oriented: Synthetic Blend/Semi-Synthetic vs. Full-Synthetic

Most car dealerships use synthetic blend (also known as semi-synthetic oil). Synthetic blend oil allows vehicles to go further than the 3000 miles interval recommended previously. Full-synthetic oil is more expensive than synthetic blend oil. Most vehicles do not require full synthetic oil, but it is recommended if driving under extreme driving conditions –high heat, steep grades, extreme cold, and rough roads– or towing heavy loads. Some drivers choose full synthetic because over time it breaks down slower than synthetic blend oil, and there is less friction on various vehicle parts.


No matter what is going on in your life, commit to regularly scheduled oil changes for your vehicle. It may seem routine, but it will help your vehicle run smoother, contribute to longer engine life, higher resale value, and continued reliability.

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