Acura’s ELS Sound System Is the Pinnacle of Audio

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Accessing your favorite music, podcasts, talk shows, and audio books is easier than ever with today’s technology. The ELS Sound System, engineered by Grammy Award–winning recording producer Elliot Scheiner, unleashes the unadulterated sound spectrum of all audio types. From crisp highs to balanced mids and bold lows, this audio system has been designed to mimic recording-studio quality. Edmunds praises the ELS Sound System by recognizing, “clarity and tonal balance were near perfect, and timbre and tonal accuracy were strikingly authentic and background details were tangibly vivid. Bass impact had a visceral quality and dynamics were like those delivered at a live performance.”

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The ELS Sound System Comes in Many Forms

The ELS Studio Premium Audio system comes in multiple formats, depending on the Acura model and package. Each speaker layout is strategically placed inside the vehicle to maximize efficiency within the cabin space. Engineers have even taken into consideration features such as the MDX’s rear entertainment system to include ceiling-mounted speakers for enhanced surround sound purposes. Careful planning and proven methods are implemented within every ELS Studio setup.

  • 10-speaker ELS Studio sound system
    • 4 mid-range speakers, 4 titanium dome tweeters, 1 center mid-range, and 1 20-centimeter subwoofer
  • 11-speaker ELS Studio sound system
    • 4 door-mounted speakers, 2 tweeters, 1 center mid-range, 2 rear-seat surround, 1 powered 8-inch subwoofer, and 1 ceiling-mounted speaker
  • 12-speaker ELS Studio sound system
    • 4 door-mounted speakers, 2 tweeters, 1 center mid-range, 2 rear-seat surround, 1 powered 8-inch subwoofer, and 2 ceiling-mounted speakers
  • 14-speaker ELS Studio sound system
    • 6 mid-range speakers, 6 titanium dome tweeters, 1 subwoofer, and 1 mid-range center-mounted speaker
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ELS Sound System Is Available Throughout the Acura Lineup

No matter which new Acura model catches your eye, there is a package that is equipped with the audiophile-approved ELS sound system.

Acura ILX – This entry-level luxury sports car offers advanced technology at an affordable price. With the Technology Plus package comes a 10-speaker ELS Studio sound system to allow your ears to indulge.

Acura TLX – Both the Technology and Advance packages of the sophisticated TLX are home to the ELS Studio Premium Audio System, churning out notes through 10 strategically placed speakers.

Acura RLX – Being the flagship sedan of Acura’s lineup, the RLX with Technology Package is the epitome of the ELS audio system’s potential. For full audio immersion, 14 speakers are mounted throughout the interior of the RLX.

Acura RDX – This luxury crossover is versatile, offering the ELS sound system in three of its four packages: Technology, AcuraWatch Plus, and Advance. The 10-speaker setup delivers precise sound to passengers throughout the cabin.

Acura MDX – The MDX is the definition of a luxury SUV, containing an optimal balance of performance, comfort, entertainment, and safety. With the ELS Studio Premium Audio system, the sound is as refined as the rest of the vehicle. The MDX with Advance Package is equipped with 10 speakers, while the Technology Package has 11, and the Entertainment Package comes with upwards of 12 speakers to accent the rear entertainment system.

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